Having a lot of glass windows in your Edmond home is seen as a plus by a lot of home owners. They look are great and allow for terrific views and natural sunlight. However, there are risks associated with windows….some of those being break ins, intruders and the crazy Oklahoma weather.  Security Film from Edmond Window Films is designed to combat several problems associated with having glass windows.

Security film is a neat product for making glass harder to breach. Intruders have to use a lot more force and the resulting noise can give you more time to react.  Security film can also save lives by keeping the glass from windows and doors from becoming sharp projectiles when subjected to major forces and it can reduce the speed at which a bullet or object enters your home or business.

From break-and-enter crimes to accidents and natural disasters, Edmond Window Films Security Films provide precious time by helping to deter unwanted individuals from entering your home, protecting family and belongings.

These clear films rely on thickness to provide additional security benefits. Glass doors and windows are among the most vulnerable points of entry into homes and also pose one of the greatest dangers to your family when the glass is broken.

When installed, the product is virtually undetectable. This means you’ll still be able to see out of your windows normally and yet receive the benefit of insulation and home protection. Our installers at Edmond Window Film are all trained and certified in security film installation and most jobs can be completed in a single day. Let us come to your home, provide a free estimate and show you how to better protect your family and valuables.