Don’t you just hate when you sit down on the couch to read the text from your daughter or good friend and you can’t read the words because of the reflection on your phone from the sun. Likewise, the sunlight pouring through the windows is so intense that you can’t even enjoy your morning paper or a good book. At Edmond Window Film, we refer to this type of light as “glare”.

When the sun glare becomes so uncomfortably bright it interrupts your normal routine, it is time to look at your options…there is a solution.

Stop Sun Glare with Sun Control Window Film

The great news about window film is that it not only reduces heat and harmful UV rays, but it can reduce the glare by more than 80%. It is the perfect residential window film solution. All of our LLumar and 3M solar control window films block out 99% of UV light which causes fading to your interiors as well as skin cancer. For glare reduction, most of our Edmond residential window tint customers will chose a medium or slightly darker film. We also have lighter films as well, even virtually clear films. However, the lighter the film, the fewer glares it will reduce.

Edmond Window Film specializes in solar and glare control film, decorative film and safety and security film for any Edmond home or business. We provide free in home or virtual consultations and quotes and have certified and experienced installers. You can trust the job will be just what you are looking for!


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